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FoodFlight - App Design

About this work:

A culinary travel app that helps you keep a budget and finds a costume route for each user.
The app allows you to track your daily budget, including the details of the paid dishes.
The app allows planning a trip in advance, booking a place in luxury restaurants and following the daily route.
This project includes user experience and user interface design for the different app screens, in addition to a landing page.

Screen Design

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Design Guidelines

FoodFlight App StyleGuide

Screen Wireframes

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FoodFlight App Competitors Research


Yoav Nahmias\37, from Rishon-Letzion

  • married + 2.
  • Director of a department in a high-tech company.
  • Love to enjoy life and small moments.
  • To enjoy quality holidays while having a career and family maintenance.
  • Taste the world.
  • Enjoy the good life.
  • Discover new things.
  • Break routine.
  • To do as much as possible in as little time as possible.
  • Keep a predefined budget.
Fears and frustrations:
  • Go over budget.
  • Not get all the plans for the trip done.
  • To find a place more disappointing than expectations.

This work was done during professional studies and it is a non-profit project.
There is no intention of copyright infringement.
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