I am Ze'evik,

A graphic designer,
likes to read, write and most mportantly, cook.

Engaged in the Web&Mobile World.
An autodidact with an approach for technology.
And for most has a smile on my face and a positive attitude.

So what is zoovon?

In the April Fools Day, 2004, the known Israeli weather man, Dani Roop, made a prank –
It was raining little golden Meteorites.
During the show, a kid interviewed for the prank called these little stones “zhuvonim”, which is Hebrew for little pieces of gold.
But as a kid, I heard zoovonim, and I thought it was a nice nickname.
And the rest is history.

Areas of Expertise:

  • User Interface Design (UI / UX) – Screen Design (Sites and Applications)
  • Branding – Logo design and a business Design language

Lets talk

Ze’evik Pincus
Graphic Design


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